Track what you drink with ease.

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Sipped Features

Data Sync and Cloud Storage

Sync and store your drink data across all devices in iCloud.

Machine Learning

Quickly add a drink by just taking a photo.

Dark Mode

Choose between light and dark mode customisation.

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Personalise Taste

Set default alcohol and drink choices.


Get analysis of your drink data and insights into how you drink.

Country Specific

Units of alcohol are measured according to regional norms.

Sipped Out Now

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Take A Photo

Easily add a drink

Sipped allows you to simply take a photo of your drink to track what you drink. There is no wasting time with manually logging the alcohol content and volume of the drink. Take a photo of it and our machine learning algorithm will work out how many units the drink contains.

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Tap to add

One tap adds your drink choice

Alternatively, you can manually add a drink with ease in the app. You can add default drink choices to help you more quickly add the drinks you consume most frequently. Or, even add multiple drinks the next day if you forgot to add them the night before.

Drinking Habits

Sipped will analyse the drinking data you input to inform you about your own drinking habits. This information remains completely private and we share it with nobody. It is for you to understand how alcohol may affect your physical and mental wellbeing by having a more concrete idea of exactly how much you are drinking and when.

Sipped Pro

Sipped Pro lets you sync data across all devices and stores your drink data in the safety of iCloud. You will never lose your drink history and all your data is secure and private. Sipped Pro gives you access to updated machine learning algorithms, allowing you to add drinks quickly whilst on the go. The pro version also provides more extensive analytics of your drink data.