3 Reasons Tracking What You Drink May Be Good for You

All things in moderation, especially terrariums.

We’ve all been there – you head to the pub for a quick one on the way home, only to wake up with your shoes on, your shirt off and a very expensive terrarium delivery at the front door.

And no matter how much you drink on average, keeping tabs on your alcohol intake (excuse the pun) can be greatly beneficial to your physical, cognitive and professional performance. As the old adage goes, all things in moderation. Especially terrariums.

Here are three good reasons you may want to start tracking what you drink:

1. You’re trying to keep fit

Whether you’re competing at a professional level or trying to beat your own personal best, if you’re working towards achieving any kind of fitness-related goal, there are many well-documented ways in which alcohol can negatively impact your body’s ability to perform physically.

First off, alcohol is a diuretic, which means it dehydrates you. And if you’re dehydrated, your body’s ability to maintain the effective blood flow systems which transport nutrients and oxygen to your muscles is severely compromised. Dehydration also minimises your body’s ability to regulate your temperature during exercise. You sweat more, and become more dehydrated.

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Alcohol also interferes with your ability to synthesize proteins, disrupting muscle growth and recovery. And while your liver is busy trying to process and remove the alcohol-related toxins in your body, it’s slower to clear out lactic acid build-up in your muscles, meaning more cramps, higher levels of fatigue, lower strength and lower muscle failure threshold. Which means exercising with a hangover is all pain, and little to no gains, bro

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That said, everyone’s body is different. Through trial and error, and tracking what you’ve sipped on throughout the night, you’ll be able to figure out how much is too much the night before a workout.

2. You’re counting calories

It’s notoriously difficult to keep track of the calories one drinks. Ethyl alcohol, the mischievous little molecule responsible for every drunk text you’ve ever sent, contains only 7 calories per gram. But given the vast variety of alcoholic beverage percentage strengths, different mixers, carbo-loaded beer beverages, sugary shots and fruit juicy ciders on the general night-out menu, keeping track of how many units of alcohol each drink contains, the calorie content of your particular beverages of choice and even how many of each you drank in the first place can be a real challenge.

Drinking racks up what we call “empty calories”, burning through your daily calorie allocation but providing barely any actual nutrition in the form of nourishing macronutrients like proteins or fats. It’s a bad scene if you’re trying to lose or maintain weight, but that doesn’t mean it’s all or nothing. Keeping to your personal limits within the bounds of your nutritional plan is easy if you’re able to track your alcohol intake.

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3. You want to excel at work

Researchers at Swinburne University of Technology have recently confirmed something we all knew anyway, so thanks a lot – hangovers make you fairly useless in a work environment, because they impair cognition, making it difficult to think clearly and complete routine tasks. In short, it has been scientifically proven that a hangover makes you temporarily less intelligent than you were before you slammed shots with Bob from accounting, which could lead to problems with your boss.

A new study from the University of Bath expands on this: being hungover severely compromises your ability to maintain focus, sustain your attention span, form and recall short-term memory, as well as maintain a baseline mood, rendering you irritable, forgetful, distracted and uncomfortable. So, if you want to be sharp, alert and ready to tackle the demands of your day, you may want to consider tracking what you drink if you’re out on a school night. 

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In Conclusion:

While there may be no need to deny yourself your favourite libations, tracking what you drink has a number of major benefits when it comes to achieving your fitness, health, personal and professional goals. Being mindful when it comes to consuming alcohol is a good idea at all times, but tracking your alcohol intake accurately and regularly helps optimise your performance in all important areas of your life. And the good news is, it’s simple and quick with an app like Sipped.

Sipped, a new app for iOS, lets you track what you drink with ease. Simply snap a pic of the drink in front of you. Sipped will identify it and add it to your daily log, providing you with key insights into your drinking habits. Sipped’s in-depth analysis tools allow you to take control of your alcohol intake, so you can easily optimise your habits to achieve your healthy lifestyle goals. 

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